We transform filmmakers’ visions into captivating reality through cutting-edge previs, postvis, and virtual production. We are experts in visual storytelling, dedicated to delivering the highest creative and technical quality.

Napoleon, Austerlitz Battle

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Previs: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Argon’s previsualization service uses digital animation to empower filmmakers, providing proof of concept and essential technical information. This efficient approach saves time and resources, enabling informed creative decisions for successful outcomes.

Post visualisation: Assisting The Editorial Process

After a scene is shot, we combine photography with animation and effects to refine crucial aspects like timing, motion, and composition. This assists editorial in confident decision-making, contributing to story development.

Virtual production, VR, AR and Virtual scouting

Argon, a leading provider of virtual production services, supports Unreal Engine. With Argon’s expertise, clients get immersive virtual environments, realistic animations, and accurate simulations tailored to their needs for exceptional results.

Our Pipeline

Expanding our technology with proprietary tools

Argon’s R&D team innovates with Muppit, our proprietary tool that creates a seamless link between Maya and Unreal Engine. This integration empowers our artists to achieve exceptional results by combining proprietary technology with established software.

Our Projects

Our Clients

We are always happy to see our fantastic clients return for another successful collaboration.

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